potato frittata with bacon, feta, and scallions

potato frittata with bacon, scallions, and feta

So I am not at all an eggs-for-breakfast person.  Really I’m not a savory-foods-for-breakfast person.  I hands down always prefer something sweet, hence the breakfast bars I eat literally every day and the chocolate quinoa muffins that fill in the gaps from time to time (both are great sweet breakfast items with enough substance to keep you filled up in the morning).

But this frittata might have won we over.

potato frittata with bacon, scallions, and feta

We started what may become a new tradition this past weekend and had brunch for Father’s Day at my parents house.  My mom made cinnamon rolls and yogurt parfaits, my dad made peach mimosas, and I made this frittata which I had been eyeing in the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook for awhile but never felt I had enough people to make it for (now I see though, that this would also be a perfect dinner food when you want breakfast for dinner).

It has a largely potato base, which I am always a fan of, with bacon (always good), and scallions (one of my preferred alternatives to onions).  The eggs layer themselves lightly throughout the frittata, but the best part is the feta.  It makes everything feel creamy and cheesy and fluffy.

I am in love with this frittata, and while I may not make it for breakfast all the time, it is definitely going on our dinner rotation.

potato frittata with bacon, scallions, and feta


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