cauliflower pasta sauce


cauliflower pasta sauce

I feel like I have spent the last two weeks recovering from the month of July and the beginning of August, and I finally feel like we are settling into the newness of things: new house, new schedules, etc.  Not that things are exactly going to be slow here for the next few months (see: my husbands is officiating high school and middle school football this fall, we have some events and some travel), but compared to the month of July it will be like practically nothing is happening.

Finally, after two months of hardly cooking, I’m back to regular meal planning.  So I wanted to share one of my new favorite recipes that we’ve been eating pretty regularly since the Spring.  It’s a recipe that went pretty viral in the food blog world, so I hope you’ve heard about it (there’s even a whole cookbook about it).  But if not (and simply for my own records because this blog has basically become my cookbook that I constantly reference), here it is.

cauliflower pasta sauce

It is such an easy recipe and I love how healthy it is while also being a creamy sauce.  And since the base is cauliflower, it really helps the garlic and cheese flavors to shine through.  My favorite part though, is how much the recipe makes and how I’ve been freezing it.  The first time I made it, there was so much left over that I put little individual portions of it in my mini muffin tin, froze it, and then popped them out and put them in a freezer bag.  And that is how we have been eating on busy nights all summer: a few mini muffin sized portions of sauce heated in a pan to top some noodles.


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