fennel and onion pot roast {updated}


fennel and onion pot roast

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve felt pretty less than enthused about blogging lately.  Lots of posts and recipes have gotten half way there, and I just haven’t had the motivation to finish it up and click publish generally because I haven’t felt confident in the quality of what I had to post.  This site isn’t going anywhere (at least not anytime soon), but I certainly want it to be a bit different than it is.  Mostly, I want to get better about re-editing old recipes, clearing out old posts that no one needs to see or care about anymore, etc.

Just the other week a family member told me they made an old recipe on my site and I held my breath because it was one the few recipes I have posted that I almost immediately regretted.  I have not made the recipe since, and don’t particularly plan to make it again, so I was sure they were going to tell me they were not a fan.  Instead, they loved it, but since then I’ve gone back and hidden the post, because really, we don’t need it.  And while I’m glad they enjoyed it, it’s not the kind of recipe that represents the site well.

So that being said, if there is a recipe you love that you suddenly find has disappeared…please let me know.  I know how much I hate when things change or when things I depend on disappear (example: I really wish I could find another exact pair of the sweatpants I’m wearing right now that I have had for over 10 years), and I don’t want that to happen to you.  I’m trying to be really careful (i.e. slow) about the things I’m taking away, and most of the old recipes that disappear are only doing so because they are being replaced by new updated versions of the same recipe.

But I want the recipe archive to be a bit more streamlined, and full of recipes that I have tested and re-tested and which I make regularly anyway because I love them.

Like this pot roast with fennel and onions, which was originally made with cipollini onions, which I now no longer have the time for, especially since I am not a fan of onions in the first place.  But this still remain one of my favorite pot roasts and favorite winter dishes.  Although it’s 70 degrees outside this week…so winter?  Are we not having it?

fennel and onion pot roast


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