what’s going on? where are the recipes? (some blog updates)


I stopped blogging toward the end of 2016 and to be honest I have not missed it a bit. I had gotten to the point where it was a chore to come up with posts and good recipes, and when I stopped it felt like a relief and immediately opened up more time to work on other things I cared about.

BUT there is one thing I have missed, and that is being able to use my own website as my personal recipe box.

At some point since the end of my blog, the recipe plug-in I was using stopped being supported, and so recipes disappeared.

I also have started making a lot of new recipes I love, and it bothers me that I do not have them in one consolidated place on the internet. (Example: a few weeks ago I searched the internet for something I had made and loved and landed on the wrong recipe and almost didn’t realize it.)

So, I’m coming back in a way, although I will not in any way shape or form be blogging in the traditional sense. Even if no one else cares about this little site, my main goal is 100% selfish: to be able to use my recipe page as my personal cookbook.

SO here is what you can expect if you are a person who does happen to care:

  1. I’m slowly going through my recipe page and streamlining: archiving recipes (aka putting them on a separate page that you can find at the top of the recipe page) that I don’t make anymore or haven’t made in so long I hardly remember how I feel about them.
  2. Finding the recipes that had used the plug-in and adding the recipe back in so it is usable.
  3. Occasionally adding new recipes that I have been making and loving. There will be no traditional blogging surrounding this (no pithy stories or thoughts, no photo shoot), but there will be recipes, and maybe a mention of something I love about it and a single picture that will likely be from Instagram. We’ll see how I’m feeling.

So, there you go. All of this will be slow-going and a long process I’m sure. I’m not committing a huge amount of time to it, just little pockets of time when I have the chance. But if you’re still here and have been wondering what has happened to my recipes (as I have gotten a few message about), hopefully this site will become more useful to you in the future, too.


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