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my remembering list

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My grandfather died unexpectedly on Sunday (he had a heart attack while at church).  So it’s been a tough week. The funeral was yesterday, and I thought that I could come back here and tell you nice things about it.  I thought I would be able to come back and tell you the beautiful things…

post thanksgiving thoughts

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I’ve been dealing with a small amount of anxiety lately, or as I like to say, anxiety issues.  Gerrit says that I have anxiety (not anxiety issues) and I’m just really good at dealing with it and going about daily life usually.  But recently it has felt a little bit more prominent, and I am…

welcome, baby

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Baby Evelyn was born almost two weeks ago on August 7, which just so happened to be our fourth wedding anniversary. We are overjoyed with her, and also completely overwhelmed.  It is so true that you can read everything you can possibly get your hands on about parenting and you will still be completely unprepared….

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