things i’m loving

things i’m loving lately {april 2016}

(hobbit house at our local botanical gardens) Getting Out of my Cooking Rut Perhaps it was because of the craziness of the month of March and into April (see previous post), but I have been in a major food/cooking rut recently.  We had been eating the same things for dinner and I hadn’t done any … more

things i’m loving lately {january 2016}

things i'm loving lately {january 2016}

Whole Foods Chocolate Truffles We have a new Whole Foods in town, which means I now have access to chocolate truffles.  Dangerous.  It sounds silly, but when we lived in Houston I have a distinct memory of standing in Whole Foods on a bad day and taking a sample of a chocolate truffle and it … more

things i’m loving lately {october 2015}

things i'm loving lately {october 2015}

Evelyn Walking This is big news in our house!  In the past week, she has gone from wobbling uncertainly around to full fledged walking, and it is adorable.  And she is so proud of herself! My freezer I’ve always appreciated my freezer–I’ve long stocked up on meat and chicken on sale and put it in … more

things i’m loving lately {june 2015}

things i'm loving lately {june 2015}

My Back Porch Our back porch has been a work-in-progress for years (and really still is.  But in the past couple of months we have done three things that make a huge difference: 1) stained it 2) strung up some lights and 3) finished staining and hanging the back porch swing.  And now it is … more