Some of my favorite things, blog related and not:

Favorite Blog Resources:

This Canon 50mm lens is so fantastic for food photography.  I love it for real life too (minus the fact that it as no zoom function) because it creates beautiful photos.  Really.  And for a camera lens, it is quite economical.

Pinch of Yum’s Tasty Food Photography ebook completely changed my outlook on food photography.  It is full of great tips and has some photoshop basics that are so helpful.

The Lowel EGO Tabletop Light is great for taking photos when the sun goes down (which it tends to do around dinner time when I have a new dish I’ve made).

Some Favorite Cookbooks:

Dinner A Love Story and Dinner the Playbook–to me, both of these books read like novels and I go back to them again and again, not just for recipes, but for inspiration to keep on making dinner day in and day out

How to Cook Everything–this is like the cooking bible, and if you only want to own one cookbook to reference everything, this is it

Baking From My Home to Yours–this might contain everything you might possibly want to bake.  And with the full page pictures, it’s a beautiful one to look through

Some Other Favorite Things:

Stitch Fix–Even though I can’t afford to do this on a regular basis, I just think it is so fun to get a box of clothes on your doorstep occasionally.  So far every box I’ve gotten has something I adore in it.

Daily Burn–this is by far my favorite way to exercise.  There is a huge variety of videos ranging from beginning workouts to yoga to super intense stuff that scares me.  And the workout lengths vary from 15 minutes (which is what my lifestyle needs right now) to an hour.

Some sites I love to read:

a healthy slice of life
annie b jones
coffee + crumbs
dinner: a love story
food loves writing
london bakes
rachel held evans
sarah bessey

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