baby led weaning: our plan

Posted: February 9th, 2015

baby led weaning

{We’ve already started giving Evelyn food as of this weekend, and I had wanted to post this last week, but then last week happened, so here we are.}

Baby led weaning (or really, what will be more like baby led solids because I have a feeling that weaning will be something I’ll have to do a bit more intentionally) is never something I had really considered until sometime in the past year when I just kept stumbling upon it on the internet and it suddenly seemed like it was going to be the right thing for us to try.  The idea is that we’re skipping the purees and going straight to the real thing: tender strips of fruit and cooked vegetables that Evelyn can eat.  There are a lot of reasons for doing this, and for me personally they include Evelyn being able to eat what we eat (once we get to a certain point that is…we’ll still have to start out making some vegetables and other foods separately for her) and Evelyn being able to entertain herself and participate in meal times without one of us having to be occupied with feeding her.

So here’s our plan (which we can revisit later to see how it has worked out).

Starting point: We’re going to start out when Evelyn is 6 months old.  We don’t expect her to eat a lot at first, but hopefully within time she’ll get the hang of getting food to her mouth.

Starting foods: We’re going to start with tender steamed green beans and long strips of sweet potato and go from there, hopefully incorporating as many different fruits and vegetables into her diet as possible.  After a while (I’m not sure how long…maybe within the month?) we’ll start working meats into her diet as well.  (This post, by the way, has a great list of foods to start out with.)

Starting meal times: This has been one of the biggest dilemmas to me because of our sometimes crazy schedule and her complete unwillingness to get on any kind of nap schedule.  I think right now I’m going to try to get her to sit to eat while we (or I, as on weekday mornings when Gerrit is already at work) eat breakfast and dinner…which will hopefully be about 45 minutes to an hour after she nurses (because I’ve read that if babies are hungry or tired when you sit them down to eat it will not go well…they don’t understand at this point that food will make them not hungry).  Eventually we’re start incorporating lunches as well, but since lunch often happens while we’re at the office together, I’m not going to add that bit of craziness right away.

I’m hoping she enjoys it and it makes for good eating experiences for us all and helps her to become a good eater (although I know I’m working against some strong karma here).  So we’ll see!

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my remembering list

Posted: February 6th, 2015

My grandfather died unexpectedly on Sunday (he had a heart attack while at church).  So it’s been a tough week.

The funeral was yesterday, and I thought that I could come back here and tell you nice things about it.  I thought I would be able to come back and tell you the beautiful things about the past two days of grieving with family, because I have often found that during times of loss and grief the beautiful things shine so brightly.
But the truth is, this one was just tough.  It was tough because so many things about my grandfathers’ passing made us miss my grandmother, who died over a decade ago, all over again.  It was tough because it was so sudden, and I think we are all partially still in shock.  It was tough because it was in a town that was home to none of us, but was home to him.  It was tough because Evelyn pooped through almost every change of clothes we brought for her and decided that ear-piercing screams were fun entertainment for the car ride.
And it was tough just because death and grieving is tough.  There’s no getting around that one.
I’ve lost three grandparents now.  (One of the hardest things to accept is that Evelyn will never know them.)  And I feel like I make a mental list with each of them of the things I know I will always remember because I still have a lot of life to live and I don’t want to forget.  (For instance, I always remember how Meme spoiled us and how she stayed up late reading with the light creeping under her bedroom door.  And I always remember that Bobby made us soft boiled eggs and pita bread and always told my brother and I that we were on the same team when we started to fight.)
So I’ve been making my mental list this week because there are so many things I always want to remember about Paw-paw.
I always remember that when my brother and I stayed with him and my grandmother during a week in the summer and they would take us to Disney World, he would wake us up with the silliest made up songs about going to Disney World that had absolutely no rhyme, reason, or melody.
I always remember how he used to give us money for Christmas, often in some ridiculous fashion…like the year he gave my brother a big jar of coins.
I will always remember how he liked to joke with us, and how he said things so seriously and it made us wonder if he was joking or actually going crazy.  (He was always just joking.)
I will always remember that he had nicknames for everyone in the family.
I will always remember how he would joke about us sending money to him and about trying to figure out whose house had the best “room with a view” for him in his old age.
I will always remember how much he loved Auburn, both the football team and the school (he was very proud of his brick in the engineering building).
I will always remember that he never missed an opportunity to tell us how proud he was of us, and to tell us how proud my grandmother would be of us.
At the funeral yesterday, someone commented on how well liked my grandfather was.  And my mom agreed and said that really she couldn’t remember ever hearing of anyone who didn’t like him.
And that’s the truth.
And that makes this week a tough one.
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a month of meals {january 2015}

Posted: February 2nd, 2015

january 2015

A couple years ago, I started a monthly meals post to talk about some our favorite foods of the month/things that failed/things we ate too much of.  I liked the concept, but to tell you the truth I never particularly loved how it turned out.

For some reason I found myself revisiting that concept, and I thought that if we are going to make it a true post about monthly meals, why not just make a list of everything we eat for dinner?  I’ve been doing that a la Dinner A Love Story for a couple of years now, and because I have some kind of problem that results in me being fascinated by the daily details of what I am eating (and what other people are eating), I thought there might be other people out there who have similar problems.

So if you are anything like me (or my mom) and would love to delve into the details of what someone else eats from night to night, enjoy.  If not, well, just know that you’re probably a little more normal than the rest of us. Read more »

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milk braised pork loin (+ savoring winter)

Posted: January 29th, 2015

milk braised pork loin

You know what’s really great about the cold weather this year?  It’s like it’s not bothering me at all.  I mean, sure I’m cold.  But compared to last year it’s a million times better.  Because last year not only was it cold (especially with the polar vortex and all), but I was ridiculously constantly sick and hated food and felt like death.  So this year it’s like, ehh, whatever, it’s just cold. Read more »

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peanut date snack bars

Posted: January 26th, 2015

peanut date snack bars

I know I mentioned that at the beginning of each year I always get a renewed inspiration for cooking dinner and meal planning and trying to make that work in the most efficient way possible.  But this year, I feel like I have a renewed interest in food in general and how our food culture (is that the proper term?) is going to change in our house this year. Read more »

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