two months of baby led weaning

baby breakfast--blueberries and oatmeal fingers

{breakfast–blueberries and oatmeal fingers, her love for her sippy cup evident}

For those of you who care, I wanted to make sure I did a quick update about how Evelyn’s eating is going.  In short, it is going great.  Most meals she is scarfing down food almost faster than I can get it cut up and put on to her plate.  She regularly surprises me with how much she eats.

1. She eats three meals a day now and nurses 4 times a day.  When I first added lunch to her eating schedule she wasn’t particularly interested in it, but within a few days she was loving it.

2. Favorite foods include: chicken (if we give her chicken she will always eat it first and then hunt around her tray for more), steamed broccoli, roasted sweet potato, blueberries, and banana.  She wasn’t too keen on tomatoes at first (although she seems to have come around) and it’s taken her several tries to eat frozen peas (I think this has to do with her ability to pick them up, which she has started to figure out).

3. I feel regularly flummoxed by the guidelines of foods Evelyn should or shouldn’t eat.  Obviously no milk or honey.  But as to most everything else, the concern seems to be allergies.  The two schools of thought seem to be a) don’t introduce until much later because they might have an allergy or b) introduce early so they don’t develop an allergy.  Honestly, option b makes more sense to me.  (And did you hear about the new study with peanut butter?!)  So far the only thing we’ve given her that was debatable allergy-wise is scrambled eggs, which she had no reactions to and which she LOVED.

4. These days, most food is ending up in her mouth and very little on the floor (which is disappointing to our dog).

5. She LOVES her sippy cup.  As soon as we put it on her tray, she drops whatever food she might be holding and reaches straight for it, mouth already wide open.  It is adorable.

Like I said in my last post, when we first started baby led weaning I was so hesitant.  I was so close to breaking out the purees those first few weeks.  But within a few weeks she had the hang of it, and now she is an eating champ.  I’m so grateful for that—although I’m sure once she hits 2 or 3, as seems to be the case with so many preschoolers, that might change.  But for now I’m going to enjoy it.

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